Why GFS Crane?

Capacity Planning

Eliminating trial and error, GFS Crane Capacity Planning enables right-sizing of critical data center resources, preventing wasted capacities and capital expenditures.

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Business Continuity

Mitigating the risk of a data center failure, GFS Crane Business Continuity saves millions of dollars through Impact Analysis and Advanced Alarms Management.

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Asset Management

Creating a single register of all IT and Facility assets, GFS Crane maps dependencies in asset configuration, providing data accuracy and analyzing root cause of a problem.

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Power Management

Tracking power consumption at device level and recommending measures for energy efficiency, GFS Crane Power Management helps reduce operating costs and improves Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

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Sustainability Reporting

Helping CIOs to meet environmental compliance standards, GFS Crane provides reports on carbon emissions based on power use and e-waste through aging analysis of equipment.

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Energy Billing

Meeting Critical SLA terms, GFS Crane Energy Billing generates bills based on actual power consumed by a customer. For Data Center Service Providers, this prevents revenue leakage.

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What is DCIM?

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software enables resource planning for a data center. DCIM software monitors and recommends optimal allocation of key resources and assets of a data center – power, space, cooling, network, server and storage – in real time while helping to deliver business value and high availability.

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About GreenField Software

GreenField Software (GFS) is pioneering next generation data center technologies for cloud infrastructures. Our mission is to help our customers control capital costs, reduce operating expenses and mitigate the risks of data center failures.

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Client Testimonials

Mr Jeff Klaus
General Manager – Data Center Solutions, Intel Corp
July 28, 2014
We are delighted to be included with the GreenField Software distribution. Intel's innovations in data center solutions can benefit GFS Crane DCIM customers , particularl...
M.D. Agrawal
GM IS, BPCL Refinery
January 30, 2014
GFS Crane is implemented at our Mumbai Refinery Data Center which operates 24x7. Being part of energy-intensive operations, we wanted to save energy and have an environme...
Kumanan Vetrivel
Senior Director-IT, IDFC Limited
March 3, 2013
We are very happy to collaborate with GreenField Software for GFS Crane DC. Being India's leading financial services institution with sustainability management as one of ...

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