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We specialize in infrastructure management software for distributed capital intensive sites. Our portfolio of infrastructure management software for distributed sites such as data centers, ATMs and telecom facilities combines centralized monitoring over an IP network of connected machines with sensor analytics. This has now a name: Industrial Internet of Things, briefly Industrial IoT (IIoT), also referred as the Industrial Internet.

We started this journey with software for a Data Center. To be precise, Power Monitoring Software for a Data Center in the Financial Services. The goal was to improve energy efficiency and bring The Green Grid energy efficiency metric “Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)” below 2.0. We had to connect to a Building Management System (BMS) and lots of IT devices for power monitoring across facilities and IT devices.

From those early days (actually not even four years back), of a Data Center Power Monitoring Software, we today have a portfolio of Industrial Internet applications for smart infrastructure management:

Three vertical IIoT applications built on a common platform sharing common business purposes for customers sharing a common trait –distributed capital-intensive infrastructure:

  • Mitigating risks of failures of a Data Center, ATM Site or a Telecom Facility
  • Reducing operating costs through improved energy efficiency and higher productivity
  • Controlling capital costs through better capacity planning and asset management
  • Maintaining highest levels of security of the site infrastructure.

Incubated by a three-decade old industrial engineering firm, the founding members come with a diverse background of domain knowledge in energy-intensive industries, data centers, and energy economics. Not surprising therefore, our competence lies in building applications for energy efficiency, data center management, sensor analytics and smart infrastructure management, a la Industrial Internet.

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Client Testimonials

Kali Mahapatra
AVP - IT Infrastructure & INFOCOM, ABP
October 29, 2014
As a leading media house in India, we have national presence in print for dailies and periodicals, and new media presence in both television and Internet. As can be well ...
M.D. Agrawal
GM IS, BPCL Refinery
January 30, 2014
GFS Crane is implemented at our Mumbai Refinery Data Center which operates 24x7. Being part of energy-intensive operations, we wanted to save energy and have an environme...
Kumanan Vetrivel
Senior Director-IT, IDFC Limited
March 3, 2013
We are very happy to collaborate with GreenField Software for GFS Crane DC. Being India's leading financial services institution with sustainability management as one of ...

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