Defining DCIM: A Revisit

Written by Wednesday, 13 July 2016 11:30
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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software has now come out of the shadows of an emerging technology it had started with a decade ago as a tool integrating Building Management System (BMS) and a Systems Management software. It has matured as a Data Center Operations, Planning and Management software vital for Data Center staff, managers as well as the CIO. Of course, evolution will further continue with Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs) and DCIM becoming a natural inheritor of an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) application. Beyond monitoring and sending critical alerts, DCIM addresses the common data center operation problems…

Meet Us At DCD New York

Written by Tuesday, 29 March 2016 11:43
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We are privileged to be again participating in Intel DCM Booth at DCD New York on 19th & 20th April, 2016 at Marriott Marquis, Times Square. We will be announcing our new version GFS Crane DCIM v3.0 with a number of enhancements. With these enhancements, we will show how GFS Crane is a complete DCIM for Enterprise as well as Colocation Data Centers. We will demonstrate how it helps in Data Center Operations, Planning & Management. We will demonstrate the integration with Intel Data Center Manager and how that reduces cost of ownership for better capacity planning, power, space and…

DCIM| Avoiding Data Center Failures

Written by Monday, 04 January 2016 00:51
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Our recent DCIM implementations provide an insight to actual use pattern with enterprise DCIM customers in the South Asia region. While analyst reports, mostly focused on the North American and Western Europe markets, suggest Energy Efficiency, Capacity Planning and Compliance considerations as foremost reasons for DCIM deployment, here’s our observations: While 80% of our enterprise data center customers have licensed for GFS Crane DCIM full suite, the principal (but not only) reason for their deployment was to prevent a data center outage. To prevent this outage, customers needed instant monitoring and getting alerts from all critical infrastructures. If customer had…
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Recently, I was part of a panel discussion on "industry of the future". A number of CIOs from manufacturing industry were part of the panel. The topic of discussion was how industries of today will transform in a connected World. I emphasized on how IOT( Internet of Things) and Industrial IOT will influence the industry of the future: Sensors everwhere - Each and every device will soon be armoured with sensors sending data in real time. Hence factory floor will be able to adjust to changing situations fast. If a certain point in the assembly line is blocked due to…

Metrics in Data Center

Written by Tuesday, 21 July 2015 16:59
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Introduction Most of us are familiar with the quote that “if you cannot measure you cannot manage”. In all fields, spanning technology and management, a set of metrics are established to measure against stated objectives. The metrics should tell the stakeholders about how the system is performing. The metrics on a business can be from several different perspectives: financial, customer satisfaction, environmental impact etc. Just one aspect, such as financials, do not tell the whole story. If the board of a company looks at only the financial aspect ignoring other areas, it may be myopic. Today a company may be…
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GFS is a Knowledge Partner at DCD CONVERED Bangalore taking place this week. We are unveiling here the integrated solution of GFS Crane DCIM with Intel Data Center Manager. DCD Attendees can see this tomorrow (16th July) at Intel Booth. GFS is sponsoring a Panel Discussion this afternoon “Key Metrics for Data Center Operations to Measure Reliability & Efficiency.” Moderated by our Vice President – Development, Parikshit Bhaduri, the panel includes - Mr. N. Subramanyam, CIO, Diageo - Mr. Rupinder Goel, Global CIO, Tata Communications - Ms. Shaheen Meeran, Managing Director, Schnabel DC Consultants India Data Center Metrics is a…
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Kali Mahapatra
AVP - IT Infrastructure & INFOCOM, ABP
October 29, 2014
As a leading media house in India, we have national presence in print for dailies and periodicals, and new media presence in both television and Internet. As can be well ...
Mr Jeff Klaus
General Manager – Data Center Solutions, Intel Corp
July 28, 2014
We are delighted to be included with the GreenField Software distribution. Intel's innovations in data center solutions can benefit GFS Crane DCIM customers , particularl...
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January 30, 2014
GFS Crane is implemented at our Mumbai Refinery Data Center which operates 24x7. Being part of energy-intensive operations, we wanted to save energy and have an environme...

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