Capacity Planning

Whether it is planning the capacity of your data center for today or for its life, GFS Crane DCIM software helps optimize your resources for the present and forecasts accurately for the future. This extends life of the data center by another three, sometimes even five years.

GFS Crane DCIM software does a base-lining of the existing key resources – power, cooling and space - in the data center and predicts future capacity requirement. This is based on real-time and historical data as well as ‘what-if’ analysis, avoiding wastage of resources.

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Asset Management

Given the interdependence of the assets in the data center, GFS Crane, creates a single database of your IT and Facility assets, so that all the information is in one place. This is done by auto discovery and inventory collection enabling efficient management of assets in the data center.

Asset Management capability of the DCIM software helps in mapping the critical relationships and dependencies among assets, applications and business units, thereby helping in better impact analysis of a failure.

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Sustainability Reporting

Our DCIM software helps data centers meet governance and compliance standards by generating a sustainability report which includes a report on carbon emissions and upcoming e-waste through aging analysis of equipment.

The data center sustainability report , from our DCIM software, calculates GHG emission for a data center till the device level, based on actual power use, and recommends ways to make the data center ‘Greener’.

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Business Continuity

To ensure business continuity, GFS Crane DCIM software has an Alarm Management System  that warns you of abnormal conditions, such as a threshold breach in any of the critical parameters in the data center. This helps in preventing an outage in the data center

These alerts can be viewed on a dashboard or sent through email or text message to designated support staff and escalation points via the DCIM software, so that immediate remedial action can be taken.

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Power Management

High usage of power, with power-related costs accounting up to 40% of operating expenses in multi-tenant data centers, makes data center energy efficiency a top priority. GFS Crane DCIM software has the unique capability of measuring power consumed by servers, UPS, and network devices without installing energy meters. Besides this soft metering with over 95% accuracy, it also supports hardware-based power metering for both IT and Facility assets by integrating with iPDUs and BMS.

The DCIM software identifies top power consumers in your data center and reports trends for peak and lean time. What helps in making the data center energy efficient is that the DCIM software measures the real-time Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of the data center and identifies power distribution losses.

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Energy Billing

Our DCIM software can help data centers meet critical SLA terms and ensure customer satisfaction by generating energy bills or charge-backs for individual SBUs based on power consumed. For Service Providers, this also prevents revenue leakage.

Our DCIM software, GFS Crane, can allocate power and cost proportionately for each business unit served by a captive data center or for each customer in a Multi-Tenant data center, in the form of Energy Bills or Charge-back Reports

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Client Testimonials

M.D. Agrawal
GM IS, BPCL Refinery
January 30, 2014
GFS Crane is implemented at our Mumbai Refinery Data Center which operates 24x7. Being part of energy-intensive operations, we wanted to save energy and have an environme...
Kumanan Vetrivel
Senior Director-IT, IDFC Limited
March 3, 2013
We are very happy to collaborate with GreenField Software for GFS Crane DC. Being India's leading financial services institution with sustainability management as one of ...
Debashis Roy
Vice President-IT, CESC Limited
March 3, 2012
We are one of the oldest utility companies in the nation with a firm commitment to the environment. Generating clean power has been one of our big investments. Modernizin...

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