CIOs & Data Center Managers

DCIM Solution for CIOs

As CIO you need to rely on accurate real time information to run an agile data center that responds quickly to business demands. You are also responsible for controlling capital expenditures and for supporting sustainability measures. Our DCIM software, GFS Crane, has a CIO dashboard that provides you a real-time view of the data center’s health and measures for reducing capital and operating costs.

Maintaining high availability and adopting best practices on energy efficiency is a key responsibility for the data center manager. Alarm Management dashboard in GFS Crane Business Continuity provides single pane view and analytics of key environmental parameters that helps data center manager to predict and prevent critical failures. GFS Crane Power Management solution helps the data center manager to address the energy inefficiency problem by optimizing power usage across facilities and IT.

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Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) Staff

data center asset management software

As a member of I&O team, you are responsible for the uptime of critical infrastructure. You are also faced with the problem of identifying available rack space for new IT equipment. And in today’s world you cannot avoid the pressures on reducing power consumption.

Our DCIM software, GFS Crane, monitors, with or without BMS, multiple environmental parameters that can impact uptime. It sends alarms when thresholds are breached to help you take preventive measures before a failure occurs. Alarms dashboard identifies vulnerable points, helping you to avoid potential failures, ensuring business continuity  in the data center. 

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Enterprise Data Centers

Data Center Business Continuity

If you are managing a Enterprise Data Centers, your foremost challenge is to maintain business continuity and at the same time ensure you have not over-provisioned and therefore blocked expensive capital. 

Our DCIM solution for business continuity  helps Enterprise Data Centers managers predict and prevent failures. Being part of an integrated DCIM suite, this is closely tied to GFS Crane capacity planning . The capacity planning solution would help you accurately forecast the critical infrastructure required to support the business with the right levels of redundancy. Our DCIM software, at a minimum, reduces non-significant over-provisioning and avoidable capital expenditures. This further improves asset utilization and reduces power consumption.

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Managed Services Providers (MSPs)

dcim services

In a world of rapid commoditization, service providers face constant pressure on their price and contribution margins. They need to look for new services offering or deliver the same service through more efficient models.

Our data center infrastructure management software, GFS Crane, gives managed services providers a competitive edge to win more business and reduces cost of delivery to maintain contribution margin. Our DCIM software powers them with the ability to provide Value Added Services as an additional source of revenue and enhances operational efficiency for SLA compliance and customer satisfaction.

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IT Staff

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As a part of the IT team you are responsible for the up-time of applications, servers, storage and networks. You also come under pressure to release rack space that is unnecessarily occupied. 

Our DCIM software maps the entire chain from power source to applications and its business users. Any planned shutdown, upgrade or change in the chain is visible to IT Staff. You can make contingency plans for servers and applications that fall in that chain, ensuring high availability. 

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Colocation Data Centers

data center management software

GFS Crane DCIM comes with two sets of colocation features. The first set enables colocation facility providers to provide value-added service to their customers:

  • Role based Access: Colo customers can assign role-based access to their users which authorize them to access specific functions only.
  • Restricting customer to view/edit own racks: Colo customers can get to view/edit only the cage, racks or partial racks leased by them.
  • Dashboard and reports: Colo customers can get dashboards and key reports, restricted to assets owned by them. If a customer wants a report on power consumed by IT equipment, the report will have data from only servers or IT equipment owned by that customer.
  • Self-service for provisioning: If a colo customer wants to provision new equipment, and have preference for rack or u-space allocation within their leased space, the customer can initiate a workflow which will propagate through the facilities provider and provision the request when the workflow is complete.

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Systems Integrators

Data Center Infrastructure Management

A key challenge for systems integrators who undertake data center transformation projects - consolidation and migration – is the lack of resources.

Our DCIM software, through automated asset discovery, asset rationalization and capacity planning models helps overcome this challenge. 

GFS Crane can help in consolidating assets during a data center transformation project. The DCIM software has an asset management module that tracks & maintains inventory of all assets (IT & non-IT) in the data center, helps identify legacy servers and replacement candidates and analyzes environments and criticality of different applications and servers on which these applications are hosted in different data centers.

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General Manager – Data Center Solutions, Intel Corp
July 28, 2014
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GM IS, BPCL Refinery
January 30, 2014
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