Telecom Facilities

GFS Crane CIM for Telecom Facilities. Highlights:

  • Provides 24x7 centralized monitoring for distributed Telecom Facilities sites: cuts down on-site manpower and maintenance trips
  • Monitoring of power systems: helps track actual power consumption of each site & reduces risks of downtime due to failure of power systems like UPS, rectifier systems, batteries, electrical panels, Gen-sets
  • Prevents downtime of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) due to adverse environmental conditions such as high temperature and humidity, water leakage from air-conditioning units, fire and smoke
  • Efficient fuel management helps track actual fuel consumption by gen-sets, decanting volume, fuel stock and prevents fuel pilferage
  • Ensures physical security of BTS sites through real-time alarms on access control and surveillance
  • Continuous monitoring of equipment health status from a single monitoring console across all sites, and predictive alarms on equipment health condition, ensure timely maintenance, extending asset life and preventing failures.

gfs crane cim telecom facilities

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Client Testimonials

Kali Mahapatra
AVP - IT Infrastructure & INFOCOM, ABP
October 29, 2014
As a leading media house in India, we have national presence in print for dailies and periodicals, and new media presence in both television and Internet. As can be well ...
M.D. Agrawal
GM IS, BPCL Refinery
January 30, 2014
GFS Crane is implemented at our Mumbai Refinery Data Center which operates 24x7. Being part of energy-intensive operations, we wanted to save energy and have an environme...
Kumanan Vetrivel
Senior Director-IT, IDFC Limited
March 3, 2013
We are very happy to collaborate with GreenField Software for GFS Crane DC. Being India's leading financial services institution with sustainability management as one of ...

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